Twisted justice

April 28, 2012

Closed out the week on Daily Kos with one more diary, sort of a follow-up on my earlier work and sort of not. I seem to end up writing a fair bit about justice, the criminal justice system and the death penalty, so I often run into the folks who whinge about the ‘poster boy’ for capital punishment. It seemed ironic that in a diary written specifically to address that earlier in the week, someone came by to make the same old arguments again, as if they hadn’t really read what I wrote.

I might have written this one up today anyway, though. It’s a story from NPR about a convicted murderer who was later exonerated, and by ‘later’ I casually gloss over twenty-five years. Ouch. But there are still those who go on commenting, immune to the counter-arguments. They tend not to talk much about it, just fire off a ‘poster boy’ example and dash off.

Considering that part of the story today addresses a jury that may have sought a conviction out of the sense of security it provides, makes one wonder. It’s that same feeling that inspires Sue’s crime porn (she watches a lot of procedurals and crime shows) to settle most cases in an hour. It may be a new idea for me, something beyond simple revenge fantasies, although that does play in. Convictions might help the community to feel safer. It’s an understandable idea. And yet that impulse is just begging to be abused. It was, perhaps, in the exoneration story out of Texas.

The NPR story is linked in the DKos diary, feel free to check it out; I recommend it. Offers far more detail.


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