Busy SWTOR weekend

April 17, 2012

It was only a long trek to 50 because I made it that way, but finally the Dark Schneider made it to 50 last night. Although I am not sure I will keep playing him a lot at 50 – wanted to try out Scoundrel healing but the server population made it impossible to try – it was definitely worthwhile to play through the end of the stories on Corellia and the smuggler’s class story. Props to the Wookiee Bowdaar for sticking it out with me, responding quite affectionately to…most of my choices! After a long history of being the good guy, making the light choices, and sparing folks, working with shady types, and getting betrayed repeatedly for it…Daku went on a dark-tinged killing spree on Corellia. Darmas Pollaran, who made the Republic privateer job sound so good before he twisted it all to serve the Empire? Contemptuously asking for a price to spare him? Blam! Senator Dodonna, who recruited you for the privateer job before throwing in with the Empire? Ends up a kitchen slave? Even plays the True Love card? Blam! And the Voidwolf, the beneficiary of all that betrayal…well, let’s say his plan to unite the underworld to work for the Empire backfired, along with the grenade that he should have had on a shorter fuse. Oops.

So that’s the wrap-up on 50 levels of scheming, plotting, finagling and flirting. The smuggler becomes the hero of the Republic for freeing Corellia, and ruining the Voidwolf’s plot, and getting the other smuggler types to work for the Republic…at least, for a while. A nice final touch was hearing from the entire crew, most of which I sadly hadn’t seen much of since I started working with Bowdaar, my kick-ass melee partner. And after a little chat, the crew heads back to the ship for more adventure…and there is more. How much more I don’t know yet. Clearly not enough for some, but plenty for me, so far.

Besides, still haven’t finished courting Risha, and that simply will not do.


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