Getting an education

April 4, 2012

Took me until this evening thanks to another busy work-day, but I have posted on Daily Kos about some Tucson news that made it on to the Daily Show.

Granted, that was on Monday, but no one wrote about it so why not me. An interesting bit of serendipity about it is that I happened to be reading about Rosa Parks (and much more) this morning, when I heard about this goof-up on the radio. Dude from the local school board goes on the Daily Show and makes a complete fool of himself. Granted, this is what they do for a living. But…damn, but did he help. It’s funny in a way that this fellow Michael Hicks now has to make loud noises about how he’s not going to resign. It was that stupid.

Hopefully he will remain a laughingstock in town for a good while. It’s not every day someone new gets to achieve infamy and put Tucson in a painful national spotlight.


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