Republicans denounce accountability

March 28, 2012

In a story that I enjoyed writing about on DKos for several reasons, I am pleased to see the ‘guns on campuses’ bill expire in committee in the state legislature. Not only is it nice to see a silly and costly pro-gun bill croak it, but even better that it died for lack of popularity – and because, thanks to the work of the independent redistricting commission, some Republicans were actually worried about voting for an unpopular bill.

You know, like being held accountable for what they do. It’s awesome, eh? So I’ll have to see if the pro-gun faction on DKos finds my diary and initiates another flame war. Because their point of view is not only civil rights whingeing, but that we should give in to their legislation because we stand to lose votes if we don’t. And in this case, that would be demonstrably wrong. The Republicans ran, scared, because they were the ones that stood to lose votes.


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