Up before the dawn

March 10, 2012

Must have dozed off real early Friday night (woo, vibrant social life! not). It’s not a good sign when it’s 4:30 am and you’re definitely awake after trying to fall back asleep since 4. So, making the best of it, I wrote my latest DKos diary concerning a new sales tax proposal in AZ, to replace a 1% extra sales tax that was passed by ballot initiative in 2010.

It’s not a real hot subject, so I expect this diary to quietly go the way of most of my work. Hell, even the good ones fail at times. But I am troubled when it seems like we’re going to let history repeat itself. Back in 2010 this tax was pushed (even by our mad governor!) to supplement funding in education and health care that was facing a budgetary axe. Well, you can guess what happened – got the axe anyway. They’re Republicans, what else do they know how to do?

I’ll probably vote for it again, with a sense of futility.


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