Yard work pays off, somewhat

February 26, 2012

Just in time, as my weed-clearing of the yard has progressed to the backyard, I received my yard sign this week and planted it in front on Saturday afternoon. Sue seems to think it’s quite visible from the street, so I’ll leave it there for awhile and check it out as I come and go. I already have a matching sticker on my car.

Also including a gratuitous picture of the neighbor’s little cat from earlier in the month; must have forgotten this on my camera a few weeks ago. Some days he really wants to make himself at home. It’s like having grandkids, I suppose. Have some fun and then send them home. In his case, he was snoozing today away in my yard for the most part.

Note to mom if she’s still reading this blog: this is just an example of posting some pictures online, through the blog. My other option at present is my Photobucket album. I’m trying to get into the habit of posting up my camera pics there. Hopefully, will do as much during the vacation if that pans out.



  1. weed clearing? you do not seem to have anything in your yard but sand…and weeds. hehe

    • Correct! It only resembles a lawn when it’s overgrown. I’m trying to keep it down…

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