No one ever recognizes this ‘priestly class’ wisecrack

February 23, 2012

My latest offering on Daily Kos (quick, before it’s gone!) has to do with Rick Santorum’s evident hypocrisy on torture, even as he peddles himself as Captain Catholic to the masses, and the church, in its silence, approves. It is interesting to consider, this theological pretzel; how the church rationalizes which sins are and which sins are not forgivable, and thus which sins they will choose to worry about more.

He might be disappointed to know someone else has already claimed the title, but I guess they can fight over it.

Anyway, could also mention something about turning 40 this week, but from one day to the next, the only difference is in the meaning we create for the event. It’s not as if the earth altered its course around the sun or I felt any difference one could quantify scientifically. Now, if you were to ask me will I see 50…I’d probably say no, but then again, at 20 who can imagine themselves at 40?

Quick edit: Getting my diary picked up by the Street Prophets group always puzzles me…I know they like to post religion-associated stuff, but their deference to religion has made me avoid the group. I wonder if some of them get mad when they republish my work.

Also, it further surprised me as they did put me up on the community spotlight with a diary rescue. That’s only happened to me twice now, I think. Although to be honest, I wish last week’s diary about the AZ private prisons had made it. As much as I enjoy bashing religious extremists and political conservatives, the prisons in this state are just shameful.


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