This would be stepping in it

February 7, 2012

…if anyone read my diaries, but I suspect this one might slip by unnoticed as usual. It has been a while, about a week, since I had much to say. Just moving from one small crisis to the next, as usual. Next up: the check engine light that appeared in my car the other day, when I have the means to address it.

For now, a diary about the Republicans in AZ trying to require that guns be permitted on college campuses here. This might be kicking a hornet’s nest only in that the 2nd-amendment crowd at Daily Kos is surprisingly strong and quite hostile to criticism. I may not appreciate their bit-of-a gang mentality, but I will be curious to see if this diary is enough to make them mad.

Just another social experiment from a social misfit.

Beware the lolcatgun


One comment

  1. hehe, looks like it was enough.

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