Another week, another pie fight

January 31, 2012

Pie fighting is what they call the persistent battles that take place at Daily Kos between supporters of President Obama and his critics. My latest diary there is, technically, return fire; but I think it can stand for itself. It’s about last week’s State of the Union speech, and how to talk about the wars and the military. The more liberal, pacifist critics would have Obama tell them it was all in vain. It doesn’t really matter to them if that’s the kind of talk that could cost us the election. Principle vs. pragmatism, put simply. As usual.

It’s difficult at times staking out a position there when the biggest arguments are over the most extreme positions. I often find myself somewhere in the middle, which in a pie fight could open oneself up to a bit of crossfire.

In the end, though, I find the critics plentiful enough, and their criticisms silly enough, that I end up on the supporters’ side more often than not.


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