So, we went to see Red Tails

January 20, 2012

…this evening, aided by the fact that Sue’s home PC is still busted (for weeks now, still not fixed) and so she is open to suggestion on things to do. I read some reviews that looked like it would be a fun time, which it was; and I’m also hoping it does well after hearing of the troubles George Lucas had in making this movie happen. So it was fun, and it was funny, and thankfully the sappy Lucas dialogue all went to the white fellas in the movie. She thinks he tiptoed around the issue of racism, but I don’t think so. It just wasn’t the focus of the movie. If anything was, it was CGI action!

…of course, I have heard from some doves on Daily Kos about it, and their issues with the movie glorifying war…but they remind me, I’m not quite as liberal as I might think.

Anyway, other than Sue cracking up at every mention of Black Jesus – you will just have to see the movie – well, I was chuckling too, but I blame Boondocks. It’s a good joke. Deserves some laughs.


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