More executions on the way in AZ

January 11, 2012

As a follow-up to a diary I posted last year, the state Supreme Court decided yesterday to go ahead with a pair of executions they delayed in late November, and I have posted a new diary about the latest news. I expect this one will get ignored like the last one. For some reason, only compelling stories, doubt about the guilt of inmates, seems to get attention. But for a lot of folks, when someone seems guilty beyond whatever they call reasonable doubt, then it’s no big deal.

These two fellows are most likely doomed. It’s not that I am particularly sympathetic for them after reading their stories; it’s just that the practice is useless, unnecessary, wasteful. The state has been trying to kill them since the late 80’s. Something like 20+ years. That takes some dedication, and to what kind of principle? There’s nothing noble to it that I can see.

Ah well. Another diary to get ignored and shuffled off the list of recent work before long, I expect.


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