Ending the year on a good note

December 31, 2011

So, I woke up the day after xmas and lo and behold, the fridge had croaked it – blowing warm air and melting, thawing, spoiling everything. We saved what we could with a cooler and some ice, which I’m still using until the 2nd. I got a new fridge for the holiday.

It was kind of a downer after getting things in order to get new glasses (again) and I mentioned it in passing on Daily Kos. Well, during the week they decided to put me on the list for gifting lifetime subscriptions, and out of all those more deserving folks someone picked me out and I got one. No idea who or why.

I returned the favor with about $100 of charity donations of my own; just got paid on Friday, so I can afford that much. I’m looking into getting some new glasses somewhere cheaper than Sears or Lenscrafters. Get what you pay for, I know. But it’s tiresome. It’s either that or I may wait until I fill out my tax forms and get a refund, which I most likely will. It was a nice gesture from the DKos crowd, though, and also nice to, in a way, pay it back. At the advice of some of them I also saved a portion; the savings account I had to start at the credit union made that easy, and maybe I will make a regular practice of that, saving a little bit from each check.

Then later in the day, someone spoke up after holding back for…months, probably, and said they needed $2000 by Monday to avoid getting evicted. I had already given away what I felt comfortable with, so I looked on helplessly as…well, they raised that much in one evening.

The folks on DKos are a real mixed bag, and when it comes to politics it’s like cats fighting, but there are moments like those, when it pleases me to be a part of it at all. It could be societal indoctrination, leftover religious garbage, or the evolutionary advantage of altruistic behavior (that’d be my pick). But there’s no fooling to it, giving to worthy causes made for a happy day. Good way to close out what has been a Chinese-curse-interesting year.

Your days are numbered, broken frame. In the meantime, superglue FTW.


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