Musical interlude

December 15, 2011

After finally laying WoW to rest, I’ve been goofing off playing LOTRO – just a stopover, a fill-in until SWTOR hits the stores next week. Could have preordered, I suppose, but I’m in no particular hurry. Being on a raiding schedule is not something I miss.

Yesterday was interesting, though, and not just for the frivolous Deeds I was working on to accumulate Turbine points rather than buy them. My elf hunter is ready to move on from Bree-land, but I have lingered there awhile to finish some content that’s worth points. But working out of Bree allowed me to see a little in-game concert being held outside the Prancing Pony.

I already knew that there was a system for generating music in-game, and how files could be written up, stored, and then called from within the game. But I hadn’t seen it in use extensively before, much less by a group. Not sure how they handle timing it so they all begin at once, but it was nice to watch groups of 2, or 4, or 6 get together and play.

I stuck around for about an hour and they were still going in ‘open mic’ mode, with individuals and pairs stepping up in turn to play a tune. Xmas music, LOTR music from the movies, the Star Wars theme, current RL music…well, someone had to translate it into LOTRO’s version of the ABC notation.

Of course, the song that got the most cheers was Tom Bombadil’s theme. The most popular character that somehow got cut from the movies, sheesh. Got time enough for five different endings but not this fellow, what gives?

Having played through almost all of the Bree content, and certainly all of the Shire stuff and the epic book quests that involve him, I can see why. Tom’s this one bright, happy spot in the middle of a forest full of nasties, next door to the Barrow-downs full of wights. Bree is not the most pleasant area. Quite a contrast from running mail and spoiled pies around the Shire. There’s actual orcs and such.

I suppose the game will get somewhat more grim, should I venture onward at some point. Nice to see the community there, however small it may be, thriving in its own way. It’s a good thing that the game went F2P.  It shouldn’t go under the way some other MMOs had to, for lack of subscriptions.


One comment

  1. That Bombadil theme is the best music in the game. Which is, of course, why I have it set as the ambient music in Horvath’s house. Old Tom’s home really is a welcome sight when you come upon it in the Old Forest. Visiting it, especially the first time, was one of the highlights of all my explorations in the game. Hey dol! merry dol!

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