Can you tell I have more spare time?

December 9, 2011

I think this is two diaries/posts this week on Daily Kos. Today’s entry follows a theme I have run with before: state sponsorship of religion. Now, the last one was inexplicably popular, not expecting another stroke of lightning as I think that was a slow news day. But we’ll see.

In this case, a school board in Tennessee settled a lawsuit with the ACLU that evidently was not going their way. I can imagine! The news on the subject mentions the school allowing unsupervised youth ministers to preach to students in the lunchroom, rather a captive audience eh? Along with teachers leading prayers and bible studies with students. Agents of the state, couldn’t be much clearer.

And hardly anyone in the Sumner County school district thinks anything is wrong with that. Natch.

Quick edit: less than an hour later, my post hit the Rec List on DKos. It could be another coincidence (or slow news day). But the evidence suggests maybe some people actually like this particular topic. I’m wrong again. Well, I did copy my earlier title, thought it would be amusing. Maybe this will become a theme for me.

Impressive though, that I got some additional info from a source that wishes to remain anonymous. Speaks to how bad it can get there. And that’s all I have to say about it!


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