Old Republic beta adventures

November 26, 2011

Now that the non-disclosure restriction has been lifted, I can finally write a bit about my adventures in beta testing. Although this has been off for a little while now, being sick and busy at work have made things difficult. Anyway, on with the show.

This is one of the many little treats you can run into in TOR. Doesn’t look like chess — pazaak I think. But the lesson is the same. Let the Wookie win. He shrugs and hoots and hollers and gets up and stomps around and pumps his fists, while the hapless dis-armed droid just sits there. I spotted this yesterday while re-playing the intro zone with the Imperial Agent class; that’s my Chiss agent gawking at the spectacle.

And yes, way off on the other side you can see the Twi’lek dancer on a stripper pole…doesn’t matter if they’re clothed or not, the female Twi’leks dance like night elves. Doesn’t even require a mailbox. It does help to be in a cantina in Hutt space, though. This screenshot was from the main Hutta world; later on Nar Shadaa is an adventuring option.

I’ve tried out a variety of classes in SWTOR, and dabbled with all of them. But the one I leveled the most was the Republic’s Trooper. Here is my trooper flying a whale on Alderaan. It was interesting to get to Alderaan, while completing the first big chapter in the trooper’s story. Her squad on Ord Mantell defected to the Empire by the time she reached the end of the quest line there. The first chapter, crossing many levels and several worlds, chronicled her efforts to bring them all to justice.

I found myself a bit sad adventuring on Alderaan. Knowing the end of its story was destruction and all. But it was neat to see it, not just intact, but before it became such a staunch defender of the Republic. At this point in time it has seceded and is up for grabs, and on Alderaan I got to work for the Organa family/house. Contributing to a piece of Star Wars history; nice touch.

Also, nice to have such interesting stories to pursue with the shooter classes. After the experience with Star Wars Galaxies, I went in expecting the non-lightsaber classes to be lackluster and unenjoyable compared to the shining stars of Jedi and Sith characters. Hardly! I have no doubt that I will be playing an Imperial Agent/Operative when the game finally arrives around xmas, and I’m not sure what I will choose on the Republic side, but the Trooper/Commando has been a lot of fun. I’m not sure which I like more, crushing my enemies with gravity effects or setting them on fire with plasma.

Also, I found on this last go-round that the variety of races available is class-based. The test server I was on this last beta build has gotten stuffed with new players this weekend, so I’m wandering. I had thought there was just one simple set of four races, but it’s a set of four for each class, and they vary. It appears the Chiss Bounty Hunter is still an option (awesome). And the Miraluka was an option for the last Jedi Consular that I tried.

Still no playable Trandoshans that I can see, though.

Also on Alderaan…look out, it’s a Stray Nerf! Run for your lives!

Seriously, I could not help but laugh when I found the origin of the ‘scruffy nerf-herder’ line. Never mind that similar cow-ish beasts populate other worlds. This is the vaunted Nerf. Sadly, no one was herding it.

Well, enough for now. I expect maybe another WoW post or two, but it’s going to fade to black for me as I move on to SWTOR — at least for awhile. Maybe time to give the Smuggler a decent try and see if I like that more than the Jedi Consular, which has been interesting in either advanced version.


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