Here, have some pandas

October 25, 2011

So anyone who’s been paying any attention at all to this year’s Blizzcon knows. The ‘Mists of Pandaria’ trademark that Blizzard registered some time ago was not a joke, not a ruse designed to lead investigation astray. It’s actually the legit name of the next expansion.

It’s kind of amusing in retrospect to consider the articles I read before Blizzcon, the writers talking about how Blizzard needed to set the stage to take on the Old Republic MMO and whatever else, to prep some compelling content that would keep players interested for years to come.

So, we got pandas.

Well, Pandaren, and companion pet battles…

I understand there’s no going back now, and besides, they’re expanding into southeast Asia. Could not be a better time for an oriental themed xpac. For my part, though, this is the first time I’ve felt pleased about my decision to cancel my subscription a couple months ago. Now it’s like…oh, this is what I’m going to miss? Hey, great.

So in the next couple months I will maybe check out the armor transmogrification feature, if it arrives soon enough, and maybe I can suit up my DK in his original blue set from their starter zone. If not, no big deal. Never did get his legendary axe, but again, no big deal. He would be just as much at home in lumberjack attire, fishing on a salmon pool in Grizzly Hills. I’ll have to pick out a spot before long.



  1. well its too bad our little band of not quite merry men could not form some sort of micro guild or something. i miss WoW sometimes still. But then i remember the rest :).

    • It’s not too difficult now to set up a guild by buying signatures from a few guildless bank alts and such. Then you just boot them once it’s formed. Something like that might be an option if we all try the Old Republic mmo.

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