Toast, the sequel

October 10, 2011

In an earlier blog post (which continues to appear on search terms for my blog, to my amusement) I remarked on how nice an ‘I make bread fun!’ t-shirt would be from Questionable Content, the webcomic. What can I say, dude must have been listening. The happy sentient toaster did get a t-shirt. Well, in fairness I most likely did not invent that wheel…but contribute, hey, maybe.

So as a surprise for Sue I got her the apron; I think she mentioned needing a new apron for her occasional cooking sprees, mostly around the holidays, although she also makes a mean vegetable soup. No, it is mean. It frightens me. It has vegetables in it. Lots.

The horror...the horror

It’s also a nice way to support an artist whose entertaining, if questionable, content I value.

Although I predict that this will be a surprise, because Sue never reads my blog(!) there is a small chance that this theory will be disproven, and I may get a slap upside the head. Time will tell.



  1. i cannot believe you eat that. no way! i would not either, i was permanently maimed with respect to the dreaded “vegetable soup” we used to periodically have foisted upon us.

    • Ha, of course I don’t eat that! I do eat her borscht, however, even if it has beets and cabbage in it.

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