What fresh outrage is this?

October 4, 2011

The news is actually about a week old, but when a story gets buried and I’m busy house-sitting instead of surfing the Net, it takes me awhile sometimes, ok?

So today I posted on Daily Kos, since no one else seems to have in the past week, that a hunger strike in California’s prisons has been renewed. This story is from July of this year, when it started in Pelican Bay and spread through other prisons in California and other states, protesting the inhumane conditions at the solitary confinement wing at Pelican Bay. It took nearly a month, and some prisoners definitely pushed it to their limits not eating, but negotiations broke out and it seemed to have been resolved.

Fast-forward a couple of months, and we find that the prison guards have been cracking down on the instigators of the hunger strike, and otherwise making prisoners’ lives a bit more hellish in the interim. Meanwhile, there are negotiations and legislative hearings and token gestures of appeasement. I can see why that didn’t go over too well.

So, back where we started again, I suppose. I would expect this of some third-world country, or perhaps Texas, or Arizona for that matter. California I would have thought to be some kind of liberal bastion, but I guess it’s not all that. Then again, when it comes to third-world countries, the U.S. does…well, aspire isn’t the right word. I need its antonym. There isn’t a good one for that. But you get the idea, I hope.


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