The Zen of Not Caring strikes again

September 22, 2011

After last night, I was expecting a bad day, and for awhile it definitely was. Things got better, though. There were at least a few people to talk to, and after that I had a surprise waiting for me in-game.

Although the Wreckies on the Garrosh server have a fairly set raid group, I continue to get the odd invite to tag along, and I knew I was in for it when I got summoned to the end boss of the Firelands…

Second time I’ve been to see this fellow, but this time it was post-nerf. Oh, now it’s on.

(…hours later…)

Last try of the evening, and down goes Frazier! Pity I didn’t think to get a screenshot! Not that there is much to see; Ragnaros just takes a dive and leaves a big chest. That and our skeletons from all the previous wipes. I understand that on heroic mode, it’s a bit more impressive. So, now I guess I’ve seen most all of the Firelands content, and I haven’t been trying. I didn’t even transfer over to the Wreck List with this in mind. I knew the best I’d do was an occasional substitute raid slot, but they’ve been good opportunities. Except for the loot; damn little of it has been useful, and I haven’t won any tier 12, like the helm drop this evening. Not that it matters. The DK does fine.

Next week, they’re looking to solidify their B team’s raid with my DPS. Strange. It’s like I belong, or something. It still doesn’t seem like enough to stick around for in the long run, but at least it’ll make the last few months of WoW a bit more fun. Deathwing’s raid I can take or leave.


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