DKos vacation

September 11, 2011

My latest posting on Daily Kos is about taking a break, ironically. The purge (of black folks) didn’t go so well as advertised. Since I’m not there, but here (where even fewer read what I write!) I think I can safely say that the P.O.P. (pissed off progressives) were making their lists, and checking them twice, and when Markos announced open season a bunch of saved-up info got handed over. They are always the ones demanding evidence for every accusation. I am sure some of them spent the time gathering data, and so one flaming progressive ass got the boot while a bunch of the BKos community either got the boot or got their privileges yanked. It would be about privilege.


And to think, I still consider myself a critic! I hardly have to write diaries/posts about it, though. When it comes to the negative waves on DK, there is plenty to go around. Ah well. A week off suits me fine.



  1. I read this! Please let me know when you return 🙂 -THTBAW, new dK deserter

    • I will probably check in back on DKos next Monday, assuming I can. Don’t see why not, but one never knows. After that is another story. I’m curious about the response, but I’ll see what happened soon enough.

  2. Cool, see you soon! 🙂

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