Water falls from sky!

September 9, 2011

It was a suitably gloomy day in the desert today, and this evening it actually rained some. The rain is welcome, to most – we’re still technically in some level of drought here, and the monsoon has not been all that impressive in town. Sue thinks the force-field provided by too much pavement has driven it out. I have to admit, even in my relatively brief near-decade living here, I’ve seen changes.

Anyway, the rain was not appreciated by a certain orange kitty, who made sure to complain to me about it. So I let him in for a little while. I think the thunder scared him under a table. I gathered some evidence of it, and he didn’t appreciate that either.

So after getting a dose of the Laser Cat Eyes I put him outside, and it was amusing to see him gallop off. Ack! Wet! Everything’s Wet!!

Poor Stinkbug. He’ll find some shelter. Probably on my car, in the carport.


One comment

  1. Sweet. Love cat stories – they make me smile 🙂

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