I don’t always agree with the FFRF, but…

August 25, 2011

…sometimes, I do. Today I wrote about one such case on Daily Kos. It’s a clear-cut problem of a school superintendent that didn’t care about the niceties of separation of church and state, and instead chose to continue a years-old tradition of having a preacher say prayers before their school’s football games.

I expect that the kids will get pressured into doing their own school prayers, and perhaps more often too, just to tweak the handful of skeptics who live in that blinkered community in Kentucky. I feel bad for the skeptics. They did the right thing, speaking up, and anonymously so, for their own protection. I suspect things will get worse before they get better.

Although I thought about just writing here about it, I went with DKos because I think the ‘street prophets’ crowd needs a lesson in precisely who is the problem. Their little cadre of liberal believers allows them to think that religion is no big deal and skeptics shouldn’t be so bent out of shape about it. The issue is not them, really, although they share in the delusion (and normalization of same). The issue is the more crazed sorts who so dominate a community, that they violate the rights of others, and actually take offense when busted on it.

Afternoon edit: Surprisingly, this diary/post on DKos may be my most popular one yet. I don’t think any of my offerings have hit the rec list before. Kentucky must be a good focus for liberal ire.  🙂


One comment

  1. well, the existence of skeptics is basically an assault on their belief system. the skuld world, indeed.

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