Keep it classy, Russell

August 20, 2011

I had some fun today putting this DKos diary together. My inspiration for writing seems to come and go; every few weeks, I get not one but several ideas. Well, it’s easier to not get scooped on the weekend, and true to form, bad Russell Pearce news gets dropped on the weekend when fewer people will see it.

The latest news on Mr. ‘papers, please’ and the campaign to recall the bastich is in the diary. This has been crazed so far. When the first candidate, Jerry Lewis (no relation to the telethon chap) announced, some yahoo threw a padlock at him from a moving truck and nailed Lewis in the nuts. Target of opportunity. Kind of a ‘howdy neighbor!’ from Arizona Republicans, I guess. Then a fake Twitter account with Jerry Lewis’ name on it was started up, spewing all manner of lies and slander to discredit the guy.

The latest amusement from up north has to do with more slander, in the form of political signage. A Pearce support group has been tied to signs that are chock full of bald faced lies. And this is mere days after the chairman of that group denounced slander, in reference to the fake Tweeting.

These guys are so fake, they should be modeling clothes at the mall.


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