And hilarity ensued

August 12, 2011

Didn’t take long for things to change after the hound of Tindalos went to the Garrosh server. I miss my army of alts, but at least the people there are more fun. It’s nice to have some folks who can retain some sense of humor in the face of apparent despair. Case in point: Thursday night. After going on a raid on Wednesday just to fool around and see some of Molten Core 2.0, er, Firelands. Apparently my DPS was impressive enough to get an invite to a progression raid. Well, that or they were desperate. Anyway.

This is Balrog. Sorry, Baleroc. The bridge, that is, gate keeper, to the interior of the zone and the end bosses. That he screams ‘none shall pass’ is pure coincidence. Although it took the raid a couple hours to sort things out, eventually I did get to watch him die. The DPS requirements for this fellow are pretty extreme; once the healers could reliably keep people alive, ah. Yes, that was part of the problem, wasn’t it. I see some things haven’t changed since the initial raid content was put out! But he is a tough boss on an enrage timer, so it’s not as if you can just pound away and maybe eventually hope to take him out. You’ve got this much time, and no longer.

I was surprised to see my DK in no Firelands gear doing so well. He stood up nicely compared to the other DPS, and the job to do (besides attack) wasn’t too complicated. And besides being generally fun sorts, it was nice to see these raiders try different things. None of this ‘our half of the raid is fine, it’s all up to you’. The healers were willing to speak up when they had problems and swapped jobs; the tanks went from having the typical two-tank strategy to just one, a dangerous prospect but one that worked in the end. They wanted more dps and got a bit more doing that. I guess it was just enough.

I’m still more interested in finishing my Shadowmourne quest than this new raid, but with some new folks that are more entertaining to be around, maybe I will do more than dabble in the Firelands. Time will tell.


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