An exploration of intolerance

July 21, 2011

So today I was inspired to write on DKos, about religion again – mainly because a few believers got mad about a cartoon yesterday.

It was interesting to consider the definitions of bigotry and intolerance, to see how easily they can be applied – and how the intent may be to stifle discussion. In effect, the bigotry charge is made by bigots. Religious ones, who are intolerant of dissent and seek to stifle it in a way that liberals are particularly vulnerable to. No one wants to be labeled a bigot, but liberals, with their interests in tolerance and freedom for minorities, may be the most squeamish when this label is trotted out against them.

It’s a clever move in the chess game, at least, until one sorts out the psychological manipulation going on.

Friday edit: Well, the conversation it sparked was lively, as one of the people who leveled the ‘bigot’ charge found it and, well, went on behaving badly. This was probably my favorite stupid quote from the whole shebang.

Practicing religion is a strictly a personal matter, like being an Atheist is strictly a personal matter for you.  I don’t need to explain why I believe in God and if you can’t or won’t accept that, then that’s on you.  My belief in a higher-being hasn’t my ablility to be a skeptic, a scientist (which I am) and a critical thinker.

Believers have the luxury of considering it ‘strictly a personal matter’; not that it is, of course. Organized religion has a pervasive influence on our society, but since it’s on their side, they can ignore it. Also amusing was the ‘wait, I’m a scientist!’ claim, which I simply ignored. So is Francis Collins. But he wastes his time trying to convince people that science and religion can get along. And finally, only a blinkered believer could claim some god exists and then deny any responsibility for demonstrating it.  🙂  This fellow was eventually reduced to incoherent cursing, which was met with more smilies and jokes, and to me that’s the most fun way to respond. They come off looking like complete assholes and I don’t have to say a single bad word about it to make the point.

You’re not smarter, more enlightened, or have a better grasp on reality than I do.  You’re just a worthless anonymous fucktard who thinks they are…  Well, I’ve wasted enough time in this stupidity.

You’re stupid! And my friends do volunteer work! And…fuckity fuck fuck. Bleah. I must be in the right mood for this nonsense, because it leaves me giggling. And I know the intent is to make me mad. Why doesn’t it make me mad? I guess, because I understand he lost. Not just lost it, but lost the argument. Like anyone on Daily Kos isn’t anonymous, aside from the front pagers who use their real names. It was fun.


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