Nowhere to go but here

July 16, 2011

Been a difficult couple of weeks in the desert, and I especially haven’t had much to report in the last week or so. Just dealing with the monsoon, the heat, and the repercussions of this past year’s great big medical bill. 900 bucks for going to the ER for a few hours, to have my apparently dire condition diagnosed as nothing quite so dire. Ah well. The bill’s paid, and maybe now I can get a couple useful things done with the rest of the year.

One small, bright spot in an otherwise humdrum July has been some new music; the quest to find interesting alternative music that doesn’t remind me of whiny college kids continues. I seem to gravitate toward groups with interesting vocalists. The Silversun Pickups are one such example.

Chose this track with an active sense of irony.  🙂


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