I ask myself sometimes…

June 30, 2011

…what has Obama done for us today. I find it surprisingly difficult at times to find anything the administration will toot its own horn about. This one I found a bit indirectly. But since Obama named the chairman of this sentencing commission, and his AG was there to testify on the matter, I figure he had a bit of a hand in it.

The upshot is that crack cocaine sentencing reform was voted on and applied retroactively today. Last year, Congress passed a law that I sure didn’t hear about, reducing the disparity between cocaine-related and crack-related prison sentencing. This left thousands of inmates, charged before this law was signed, in legal limbo as it were. The net effect is that some dudes may get out of jail sooner, if they can go before a judge and pass muster.

Also gave me a chance to link to Colorlines, a site I am planning to check out in more detail; it’s been recommended to me highly.

Friday edit: I was surprised, embarrassed and delighted to see my diary get a mention in Black Kos today. Embarrassed, heh, that I should be included as noteworthy compared to some really great writers.


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