Pragmatism vs. Principle

June 24, 2011

Yesterday I used my seldom-read outlet on Daily Kos to actually muse political. The god warriors there should be happy that the disruptive atheist twit poster finally got himself banned. I don’t mind; I’ve made my disagreements with the believers known, and I’ll continue to snipe at them where appropriate. But yesterday was about Afghanistan.

I think of pragmatism as a kind of grown-up position. It’s easy to argue from pure principle and damn the consequences. What I wrote yesterday seems more like a bridge between the two. If we care about things like wasting money on defense spending and unnecessary war, if we care about innocent lives being lost in the war zone…the principled, and pragmatic, choice is to stick with Obama, I think.

There’s just a certain squeamish factor over voting for a guy that is going to get some people killed, though. I don’t wanna grow up; I’d like to have a purist choice, but there isn’t one. So I’ve gone from kind of starry-eyed for Obama, to bitter and disappointed, to coming around again. It’s tough to find the enthusiasm, though. Maybe I’ll reason my way back to it.


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