Mundane revelations

June 14, 2011

In another odd turn on Daily Kos, I’ve ended up posting again about religion. Not so much because I wanted to tell my story, but as an experiment…

A certain shrill atheist on the board has begun a crusade of sorts against religion there, and it’s unusual to see the phenomenon of internet martyrdom coming from a skeptic. He seems intent on attacking religion as nastily as possible until the community spits him out.

As a sort of experiment, my little tale includes some serious criticism of religion, right down to the basic assumptions we use to navigate through life. And the particular community this atheist would-be martyr is railing against — Street Prophets — inexplicably decided to republish my diary to their group.

I’m half-expecting shrill boy to show up and declare me a traitor to capital-A Atheism. Oh noes.


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