Proof of concept

June 8, 2011

As another exercise in fun with alts, one of my side projects has been to identify and build a ranged DPS alt for the social hordie guild we’re in on Kilrogg. I have to differentiate it from the Wreck List on Garrosh, now that we have some newbies hanging out there too.  🙂  I don’t make much noise about the identity of the Kilrogg guild because I am a bit critical of them at times, but I am happy to mention being a very new and low-level part of the Wreck List.

So on Kilrogg, ranged DPS has been a bit scarce for us. The guild has a couple of mages that rarely if ever show; a few hunters of somewhat variable availability; no warlock mains to speak of, but a few alts under construction; no elemental shamans that I can think of at all; priests that mostly heal, and most of them prefer healing; and a couple of druids that either don’t show up or are busy healing. Our intrepid guild mistress is the fairly reliable healer. The healers covet their raid slots, so they don’t do offspec much.

Likewise for me – my DK is in demand, but he’s melee. And if there is one rule for Cataclysm, it sucks to be melee. I cannot think of a single fight that makes it interesting or even useful to have melee. Mobility and range seem to be always preferable.

After the past few days, my latest experiment is finished. And I like balance druids, as silly as the boom-chicken form may be. Since I noticed a bunch of warlock alts in training, I went with the druid just to see if balance DPS is fun to play and adequate on damage. He’s also a decent resto pinch-hitter; I ran him as a healer in an alt raid and seemed to do just fine. Good practice, after training on resto in heroic dungeon pugs. And on Tuesday, I took the boomer to supplement our lone hunter. The rest of the DPS was all melee – a rogue and two warriors.

Balance druids may be overpowered, but he hung in there with his less than stellar gear. Although in just a couple of weeks, it has improved markedly. And although I will never get to see it while he is doing the ranged DPS thing, he picked up the epic shoulders that drop on nearly every Blackwing Descent run we do. They also look enormous on a male tauren, as this Wowhead pic shows.

I believe I can fly – but I won’t test the BWD elevator boss!

Sue just tells me that I’m good at whatever I choose to play, but part of these choices is liking the class/spec – enjoying the game. I have worked on a warlock but the balance DPS seems more fun for me. And since I tend not to dig ranged DPS classes, for whatever reason, might as well play this one for all it’s worth.

The side project will continue in my spare time, as I try to match my DK’s damage with the boomer. The other druid player, who offspec booms and offered to do it, didn’t have much to say after questioning whether or not I could match her output. I think I did. With my alt. Who was gathering dust and just crafting my leg armors until a few weeks ago.


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