Flash healing guilt

May 23, 2011

Last week was, strangely enough, Holy Pally week — in which my alt-healadin got drafted for healing raids most of the week due to a rather uncommon healer shortage. Also for how much gear I picked up for her in the process, since we never use a holy pally these days. Typically the hordie guild’s small healer cadre shows up constantly and they guard their raid slots jealously. I don’t know what happened last week. College finals or somesuch, maybe.

So anyway, in the final test of ‘how hard is this healing business anyway,’ I got to raid-heal on the somewhat meh geared pally. Once I had her to heroic levels, picked up a few epics, and figured out that it would never matter, I about gave up on her and started leveling other alts. Alts, love them alts. I could write another post about that. But I digress.

I take the experience with a large grain of salt, since I’m looking at raid healing from the position of a raid mostly farming content that it’s beaten. Nothing past Omnotron or Baradin Hold is a pushover, though. And we were also retraining a resto shaman who had been out of the game for a couple months, due to work. So it was a bit of a struggle; some wipes on bosses, mainly Chimaeron. This makes sense, as Chimaeron requires a healing strategy rather unlike any boss encountered up to now. It’s weird leaving most of the raid on the brink of death for most of the battle.

So I have to admit that in learning how to heal in groups and raids, I took Flash of Light off my main bar a while ago. People dying quickly just…die. Sorry pal, if an instant Shock or a WoG doesn’t do the trick then you were meant to die. I doubt that my twitch reflex and a Flash could save them anyway, and it’s such a mana hog. Although mana is not so bad when things are going more or less as expected, it is not hard at all to get tapped out completely when things go badly. I use bubbles more than I flash.

Weird to see what was once the main holy pally spell, spammed incessantly in every fight, fall out of favor like it has. I’d probably drag it out for a tank. But miscellaneous, save-the-stupid-rogue duty? No way.

So healing is interesting, and I got a taste of learning challenging fights while the raid dies on Chimaeron, but I’m glad it only took me a few tries to figure it out. Meanwhile, attempts on Nefarian continue, and there my death knight is required. I don’t like being indispensable, but it’s their call, not mine. They haven’t figured out another way to handle his pack of skeleton adds, thanks to bad raid composition. My first guess would be mages with frost nova. But our mages’ attendance is extremely spotty.

Speaking of saving the stupid rogue! Blackwing Descent is made for stupid rogues to die. The freaking elevator kills the rogue more times than I can easily count, because he’s impatient and jumps off, or parachutes, or hits his rocket boots and…well. He’s Wile E. Coyote, Super Genius. I need the sound effects from Looney Tunes to do it justice.


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