Meat popsicle update

May 13, 2011

With some raiding experience now in the new frostie build, it’s been weird but interesting. Others are chiming in on the subject, so I may as well too.

Amber mentions higher DPS and some dead spaces in the rotation on her blog, and I’ve noticed much the same thing. Frost seems somewhat proc-dependent; get procs, have plenty to do. Procs and rune-free abilities feed your runic power, leading to more frost strikes, which free up more runes…and the circle of death continues. Less procs, and occasionally you sit there looking for something to push.

Possibly the most annoying aspect of a proc-based build is how one of my procs (Killing Machine) affects two abilities, Frost Strike and Obliterate. And while I really want to use it on Obliterates — they hit harder — it’s a bit of a crapshoot. The runes may not be up for it. Or I may be queueing up a Frost Strike when suddenly the proc goes off. It leaves me with the feeling that I could score higher DPS, somehow, if I could direct more of the procs to Obliterates. The EJ writeup suggests to try to line them up, but I guess it’s not always meant to be.

With the old Unholy spec, the consistent worry-proc was to upgrade the ghoul or not. On a lot of fights, I’d rack up charges with Death Coils only to see the fight end before I could transform the ghoul, or shortly after I did, the fight would end. More wasted energy.

On balance, I guess they both have…issues, and it’s not worth fretting over. Although I am partial to Unholy and being a disease-spreading monster, the DPS winds up slowly, like a lock or a shadow priest piling on the DOTs and then sitting back to enjoy the pain and suffering. Frost is incredibly bursty in contrast. Having abilities that crit a fair bit (even if it’s procs that cause it) is a remarkable change from slow-and-steady unholy. I can only imagine the expression on the tank’s face as he pulls a pack of trash and I hit them with Howling Blast four times in a row. So, you think your threat generation is adequate? Let me show you!


Anyway, it’s nice to see my DK can still lead the DPS in damage done and in survivability, easily…even if my gear shows signs of slacking a bit, i.e. still have some blues. In the meantime, the only real challenges remaining are the end bosses in the current tier, and we got Cho’gall down once already. Depending on how long the 4.2 Firelands patch takes to get ready, the relatively social hordie guild may finish 12/12 before the next challenge is loaded. Not bad, really. Never good enough for them, but I don’t care. I sit out about as often as they’ll let me.


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