It makes me seem so moderate

May 10, 2011

It feels icky, but it keeps happening. My latest diary on Daily Kos is about, what else, the death of Osama bin Laden, and I seem stuck in the middle between ardent supporters and conspiracy nuts. Well, it’s more about Ed Schultz being his typical Limbaugh-style liberal. Yes, to me he is the Rush Limbaugh of liberal talk. Loud, boisterous, political, not analytical. I guess he appeals to somebody, his shows seem popular enough!

Really, it is more about questions about the legality, the ethics of this killing, and how Ed could seem to care less about all that. I don’t get that, but again, the Limbaugh of liberal talk.

Evening edit: Although it ended up being an interesting conversation, it seems clear that the Obama supporters consider the argument over legality is over, although I didn’t notice anyone point it out for me. What I get for chilling offline over the weekend. Ah well. If it’s that good, it’ll turn up again. What’s particularly interesting about their argument is that ‘legal’ is the end of the story for them. They don’t like discussing ethics, they attack people for trying. They might consider it a goalpost-move after the legalese is sorted out, and for some, maybe it is…but as a skeptic, questions of ethics are a concern of mine. And it is interesting to measure the wiggle room between ‘legal’ and ‘ethical,’ or between a campaign position and a piece of legislation.


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