In which the DK becomes a meat popsicle

April 29, 2011

Police Officer: “Are you classified as human?”
Korben Dallas: “Negative, I am a meat popsicle.”

So this week, after the 4.1 patch to WoW buffed frost DKs to surpass unholy builds (in mathematical theory, anyway), I am going to give a 2H Frost build a try. I am not real keen on dropping unholy, which I’ve happily played since WotLK arrived, but at this point in my game I’m sufficiently detached from it so as to not care. Just another experiment.

At least frost builds can now field a DK with a two-hander. Who decided that death knights needed to dual wield two smaller, puny-er weapons, rather than one oversized rune-inscribed substitute…well, you know. And who decided that frost needed to take that dual wield hit? Oh well. Now it has the option…and an equally nice 2H talent option. So I’ll go with that. At least now if any Soul Blades drop I can legitimately roll to need them.

If I start using a pair of them I will be tempted to raid to a disco soundtrack.

No more purple bubbles (Amber will be happy), no more named, faithful ghoul sidekicks (later Batmaw!), no more Death & Decay with WoW’s new and screwed-up target reticle, no more Desecration — never liked that anyway, there are enough ground effects and I want to see the bad stuff I need to get out of. Say hello to Howling Blasts to the face and ridiculous Obliterate crits. Plus occasionally entombing my foes in ice via Hungering Cold. For awhile, anyway. I’ll give it a try.


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