Jon Kyl, you suck

April 9, 2011

Taking stock of the mess, I find that one of my Senators, Jon Kyl, made a point to lie through his shining white teeth/dentures (probably dentures, his molars are likely as rotten as his morals) about Planned Parenthood. These anti-abortion types really get fired up about it don’t they? So I wrote about it on Daily Kos this morning before work.

I really cannot emphasize more that Kyl is a bag of scum, and I am glad that I never voted for him. I doubt any friends of mine here actually have.

Molars? Morals? Come on, it’s funny. This is definitely one of those laugh or cry moments, billions in painful cuts that still don’t even begin to touch the trillion+ dollar deficit.

Monday edit: I did follow up on contacting the Republican leadership about getting Kyl removed as majority whip or to get him to resign, but I expect that will get about as far as my letter to the paper. If I find I am mistaken about either of these it will be amazing and I will report on it! In the meantime, I did enjoy watching the Daily Show and the Colbert Report rip into Kyl last night, which was also amazing.


One comment

  1. Why not demand Jon Kyl be removed from his ‘leadership position’ as Minority Leader’? Surely someone who lies on the Senate floor shouldn’t be considered a leader. Even by his fellow Republicans.

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