Nicely done, goblins

April 6, 2011

Today I see the Greedy Goblin reports getting the realm first level 25 guild on his server. This while our social, horde guild on Kilrogg has recently hit level 22 and the resident MT, Mr. Indispensable, complains almost daily about how difficult it is for us to hit the daily guild XP cap. If it’s not a raid day (and a good one, with several bosses down) hitting that cap is quite iffy.

Now, the guild XP cap is fairly simple. The guilds level somewhat like characters do, a certain amount of xp-to-level. This has a daily cap, however, so that nobody could speed-level their guild. By the numbers, it will take a certain minimum number of days for a guild to level up, regardless of how much guildies are leveling or running dungeons like crazed weasels. And so it will take at minimum a certain number of days of daily capping to hit level 25.

Obviously our horde guild has failed to make the most of this time. Early on, capping was easy; bunches of people were leveling, and we racked up guild XP easily just by questing. After the initial waves hit 85 it suddenly got harder to cap. I think we’re at least a full level behind some other guilds, and I haven’t heard of any level 25’s on Kilrogg, so even the best of our best isn’t the best.

Gevlon’s elegant solution was simply to pay people for their activity. They even ‘hired’ a couple of ‘mercenaries’ who will now get their in-game gold paychecks and /gquit.

He also mentioned a technique, identifying a regular (not heroic) dungeon that could be speedrun in 10-15 minutes, repeatedly, just for the guild XP it would produce.

Neither of these things will ever happen in our horde guild, even if I suggested them. It won’t matter if it’s productive; it’s also boring. And while they whine about capping XP (doing work), they refuse to make the obvious connection (work for pay). As a social guild, it has to incidentally cap out. Capping has to be the result of everyday ‘fun.’

I guess the game isn’t sufficiently fun, heh. Not enough to make it easy. It requires a bit of work. And there are maybe a handful of people who can look beyond their personal, immediate, instant-gratification desires and see the greater good of doing a bit of work. I’m not sure why I am one of those folks.

But I know, after suggesting we pay for the fishing achievement (which would lead to our happy fish feast), and that got shot down, that a suggestion to incentivize guild activity would also fail. I think I will make the suggestion anyway, just for fun.


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