New (and lovingly used) media

April 4, 2011

I had the opportunity today to go and spend a bit of disposable income on some new tunes and vids. I had it in mind to look for the latest (3 year old) album from Gojira, and I found that.

/rocks out

Also surprised to find brand new Amon Amarth (Surtur Rising), so I got that too. Plus a cheap used Blu-ray of Dr. Strangelove, which I’ve wanted on disc for a while. I will have to listen to my new Viking metal soon. For now, more Gojira. It’s good music for …anything! Better be, because I suspect I will be listening to it playing WoW, in the car, mowing the lawn, cooking, etc. I know record stores are supposed to be going out of style, but it’s nice to have a good one in town.


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