Learning experiences

March 29, 2011

I was pleased to read the updates on the Greedy Goblin as Gevlon did indeed decide to permit alts in his a-social guild. He also offered some data to suggest that the new Cataclysm experience is no harder than ICC used to be.

I made that prediction myself a while back, and as time passes I think it’s right. Heroic dungeon runs have become easier. Even pugs routinely finish rather than go on interminably. Gone are the raid-length dungeon runs. Even the raids make progress now, and even without my help half the time, the horde guild seems respectable amongst casual guilds as to its progress. That’s good; I don’t want to be the guy they can’t raid without, like the resident guild MT.

It’s never enough for the perfectionists (like the aforementioned MT), but such is life in Azeroth.

On the bright side, I took my holy pally on her first raid, aww! It was a pug raid into Baradin Hold, arguably the entry-level raid, and so I promptly screwed up. I had to adjust for more effective cleansing of debuffs, and the raid had to stand in fire a bit less, no big deal. At least it only took one wipe for everyone to stop with the tomfoolery and pretend it takes some effort. A few more months, and Argaloth will be cake, and they’ll open up a new wing and boss for us to fumble around on.

Kind of bizarre taking Flash of Light off my pally’s main button bar and replacing it with Cleanse. It used to be, well, what holy pallies used. FoL spam no longer. I never use it. Surprisingly, the plain old Holy Light continues to be useful, in spite of what I’d heard. It’s not that fast, it doesn’t heal that much, but if the group can hang on I can cast it all day. And I do.

Still, it is occasionally fun to bust out the Light of Dawn and blast my group with sunshine, or pop Holy Radiance and just ooze healing, or conjure up my rather hostile friend who grunts and yells as he duplicates my heals.

He may be my pal, but he has anger issues. Must be offended that we conjure him up just to keep some folks alive in a heroic dungeon pug.

I like my holy pally. I like the DK more, but healing adds an enjoyable challenge when mad dps bores me.


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