Rewarding challenge

March 24, 2011

The Greedy Goblin has piped up today about alts in his guild, and the plight of raids that don’t attract enough of the required roles and have to be cancelled. Naturally, the lack is healers, for him and pretty much everywhere.

At the same time, Gevlon has something against alts in his guild and considers most alt-activity to be ‘e-peening’. People who are just showing off, or bored, or neglecting their mains. And I suspect he is right about a lot of the morons & slackers of WoW, the social types that he finds distasteful.

My alt experience seems different, but I could be wrong. A lot of my alt-play is fundamentally antisocial. Maybe bad business decisions too – I level crafters, so I don’t have to count on other people or buy enchants/cut gems/armor kits and etc. But I also leveled a paladin just to relearn the healing craft, simply because I heard it was so hard (hence the healer shortage).

It really must be hard, because every time the horde guild hits a wall on progression, it seems to be the healers having to adapt to the fight mechanics, and not so much the rest of us. Of course, I haven’t had the opportunity to try out healing a raid yet, because my DK’s DPS is so desirable. I always think I could do better, but it’s just the company we keep. Socials.

Anyway, I have seen Gevlon speak well of doing that which challenges you in this game. And I can understand some reticence over, say, making a priest player ‘go heal’ when they want to be shadow. I wonder if he can find a few people who try out things on alts for the challenge, and if he can set aside his no-alt rule in order to indulge them and benefit his guild. I suspect he will find some more goblinish solution.

Time is money, friend!


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