Beaver County Times: incoming!

March 21, 2011

My latest rant on Daily Kos is up, along with a letter to the editor to the old hometown newspaper. It’s a good thing I don’t check it online that often. I get the feeling I’d write a letter every single day in response to the sheer idiocy. Of course, I could say the same thing about Tucson. Nothing much changes, here or there.

If we’re lucky, an unexpurgated version of my letter will appear in the next week or so.

Wednesday edit: Probably for lack of material, the paper has already published my response.

I see a local commenter has brought up a popular anti-abortion theme lately, about the numbers of minorities seeking abortions. This one seems to be an apologetic for the KKK…

More African-Americans are killed via abortion in 4 days than the KKK killed in 100 years!

I already looked up the fellow’s source, Cornerstone Television, and I see they’re some lesser variant on the Pat Robertson type. I guess they’re also YEC creationists.

I also learned something interesting, related to the problem of late-term abortions – and how anti-abortionists make it harder for women to have abortions, thus pushing more of them into later term. The later in a pregnancy, the more dangerous an abortion is for the woman. (I found the relevant statistics on slides 15-17) So I could have added that anti-abortionists contribute to the deaths of more women. Something to remember for later.

The same slideshow mentions how unintended pregnancy, and thus abortions, have increased among poor women – a phenomenon that will disproportionally affect minorities. So again, by redistributing wealth to the rich, conservative anti-abortionists make more women poor, and bring about more abortions. They create the problem that offends them in so many ways.

To me, it suggests that perhaps the racists have simply grown more sophisticated in their methods.


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