Lovely spam, wonderful spam

March 17, 2011

Today I checked my site to find a bit of spam in the queue. The spam I get here is in the form of bogus comments on my articles, comments that are really just vehicles to put links on my pages for salesmen. They usually throw in some comment text that might look legitimate, if you don’t look too closely. Since I have moderation turned on, I get to check everything before it gets approved. Well, everything that isn’t automatically flagged as spam for me.

The one today said, ‘japan is in a crisis right now’. I see from some simple google searching that the comment is making the rounds, so I guess a bunch of blogs and etc. may have let this garbage through.

Yes, Japan has experienced a massive earthquake, tsunami and ongoing nuclear catastrophe. Thousands have died already. But hey, let’s use that enormous human tragedy to try to stick some spam-link on my blog.

Spammers DIAF.

Resources related to the 2011 Japan crisis is a Google page with information and resources for actually donating to charitable organizations that can help the Japanese recover from this disaster.


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