Desert springtime

March 5, 2011

We may only just be into March, but with the past few days of ~80 degree weather, it might as well be spring here. Granted, an extraordinarily brief springtime before the blast furnace kicks in, but that’s all right. Enough with the cold already. My neighbor’s cats seem to have a similar attitude about things, having survived what I think is their first winter. So I was inspired to drag out the camera and take a few shots of them.

Mudbug rolling in the dirtMudbug is out sunning himself today in my backyard. He seems sick of the cold too. He’s grown up into a nice, stocky little emo-cat, fine with playing around but no cuddles and pets anymore. He has a little more muscle on him; I think he gets into fights. Sue is beside herself that he has become un-cuddly. But, she has his little brother, his clone…

Clone washed out by sunlight

He’s a little washed-out from shooting through sunlight, but the little guy is sulking after I shooed him away from the door. He likes to visit…a lot. And since he is so cuddly, Sue loves the dickens out of him. If she thought she could get away with it, I’m sure she would steal him. Well, there’s that and the four cats she has already, and two of those have been strays fished out of my yard.


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