Mixed feelings

February 22, 2011

Got the news about a local murder case, where one Shawna Forde, would-be Minuteman style vigilante, petty thief and all around sociopathic miscreant, got the death penalty…and yet I object to the death penalty. Strange place to be in where someone you think doesn’t belong in polite society gets such an ouster, but I wrote about it on Daily Kos anyway. As usual I expect it will not be found there due to the changes they’ve made…their diary rescue routine for unpopular sorts like myself will never find me.

Edit: later I decided to write at length, and although I scheduled it for tomorrow (tried to), it went up immediately. I blame the site revamp. Apparently this is ok, though. The old rule was one diary per day, I guess that rule is out. And as if to spite my earlier comment here, the diary got rescued. Shows what I know.  😛


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