Gratuitous Amber tribute

February 16, 2011

Amber, of I Like Bubbles, the blog that got me thinking hey, I could do that, has been complaining…

Yesterday, I dusted off Lyrandre and sent her to go swim her way through some questing.

Today, I hear about PW:S getting nerfed.

Coincidence?  I THINK NOT.

Blizzard just had to nerf disc priest shields, just to make sure her priest continues to gather dust. Much like my squids since we started up the wolfie alts. So, here is my lame attempt to cheer her up. I recently found room in my DPS spec for Anti-Magic Zone, which of course is pitiful but it makes people feel better for some reason!…once I get done explaining when people ask ‘what was that?’ I mean, fellow DKs don’t even recognize it.

Yo dawg, I heard you like bubbles, so I put a bubble in your bubble so you can bubble while you bubble. If you were unholy spec.

I know you like frost, Amber, but…just saying! Bubbles? Or ice cubes? The choice is yours…



  1. Hey I have…AMS…that’s like…a little green bubble…right?

    Purple is clerly superior but…NO!


    Bubbles will not save my ore nodes from naughty undead rogues. /nods

    • Ah, the perils of a PvP server. I can’t blame you for that!

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