Diminished drama is a relief

February 12, 2011

Although Sue and I are still on a low-key raid schedule, the pressure has gone down a bit as the horde guild seems to have solved its healer problems. They’re downing a few raid bosses now, and I’m sure that makes them feel better about raiding.

Sue’s not raiding at all, and seemingly content to not even try. My DK is still in demand, but with just one 10-man running, the demand isn’t ridiculous. There is no talk of a 25-man raid. They never had enough people back in Wrath, and they certainly don’t now. Pug raids are mostly a thing of the past now, what with guild perks and achievements. So no more 25s for us. I won’t miss them.

Not raiding 3 days a week has freed us up to play our worgen more, play horde alts, do other things than WoW. I put almost as much time into my pally as my DK lately. I’ve even healed a heroic Stonecore with guildies, which lets them know that I’m a functional healer, if not perfect.

After healing many regular dungeons and a few heroics, I’d have to say that Blizzard was successful in one respect: making healing more interesting. Certainly with my belfadin, spamming one heal spell endlessly is a thing of the past. Sure, in heroics there’s a lot more of big heal spam…but aside from those moments of panic, as a healer I have more tools in the box and more reasons to use them. Having to pick the right tool for the job means no more Flash of Light spam. Approved!

Still, on a regular dungeon, the urge quickly becomes to speed through it, the faceroll, and the pally keeps up pretty well. It helps to teach me efficiency when the pulls are nearly nonstop. Bad as pugs are, they are still teaching tools for me. Heroics are still dangerous, and no doubt will be for some time…but if I don’t try them, I’ll never be ready for raid healing. And it was made out by the guild raid healers to be such a chore that I want to give it a try.

This is all about finding the challenge in our casual, low-key way. And besides, they have no consistent holy pallies right now. Gear is there for the taking!


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