On rewarding loyalty

January 26, 2011

As the horde guild progress begins to stagnate, it’s been interesting to observe how the officer crew handles the problem — well, fails to handle it, really. Guild XP does not meet the daily cap so much these days, since most of the mad leveling is over and people aren’t doing 25 dailies/day to make up for it (as if even that could). So what do they do about it? They tell people to do more guild dungeon runs.

Granted, the resident MT whores himself out to about as many dungeon runs as he can personally attend but it’s one person, one tank. The guild is still spoiled.

I probably contribute a fair bit of daily guild XP from running dailies in Tol Barad on my DK, then questing and such on my alts. That moves the bar. But I have my reasons. The guild identifies a problem — and a solution — but fails to offer any real incentive for the solution. Oh, there’s the real benefit of guild perks, but what if that’s not enough?

Another example: guild achievements. There are achievements for professions, for creating set (large) amounts of profession-related goods. Cooking, fishing, alchemy, all manner of profs in mass production result in achievements, including some useful perks. Cooking unlocks a feast recipe; fishing another; alchemy flasking another perk.

So how do they manage this? Well, again, the officers tell people to simply do things, complain when they don’t. One of them decides to tap the guild bank, buy herbs, make flasks, and sell those, at some profit apparently in the end. Now there’s incentive. Incidentally, she took most of the pain of the crafting away by tapping the bank and not farming herbs. Hey, I’d do that too. If I had access to the bank. And I weren’t working on Darkmoon cards, heh.

This can’t be done for, say, fishing. But we still need to fish up 10,000 fish or whatever. No easy way out there. Now, I can imagine a proper incentive, like a fisher’s fee, fish up X fish and we give you gold for them. If they were clever, they could buy Cataclysm-quality fish, cook and sell them, and maybe even still turn a mild profit while engaging the guild in getting the achievement…



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