Consider the pot stirred

January 26, 2011

My latest cross-country salvo appeared in the Beaver County Times today. What can I say? The news about Tucson is relevant to my interests. Hopefully it comes off well. Stephen Colbert’s joke about Keith Olbermann’s power being rejected like a pompous kidney made me laugh…but I can’t resist stretching my vocabulary and obscure references a bit.

I also take the 200 word suggestion as a challenge these days, and not an offense. How simple can I make it? How much can I cut? How concise the phrasing? Break out the dictionary again.

In other news, I took up an ID on Daily Kos, and ideas for a first diary entry are simmering in my fevered brain. Make a splash, or just go hello world? It’s such a polarized community. It makes me feel insufficiently polarized myself. Maybe I’ll go stick a magnet to my head.  🙂

Thursday edit: now I’ve done it. Don’t blame the magnets. But even as I find the catapult story a bit silly, I find the NRA both ubiquitous and repulsive.



  1. dude, bustin’ a move on the daily kos. one of my “sanity sites” i visit at work daily. to maintain sanity while surrounded by republican pro-military types currently enjoying their 2 year pay freeze. although rand paul actually managed to irriated a few by suggesting the corps of engineers be disbanded and lumped into one national office. probably in texas deep in oil country.

    • The main challenge in posting there, I think, is finding a topic that hasn’t been done…by several people. I guess most there just shrug and post what they want to say about it anyway.

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