Keystone raiders

December 22, 2010

In a particularly laughable fit of optimism, the horde guild led its first raid into Blackwing Descent, the entry-level raid instance for Cataclysm. We got a look at Magmaw, one of the first bosses you can reach.

I can’t really say more than that about the actual fight, because the rest was searing pain.  🙂

The almost religious fervor of some of my guildies strikes me as familiar, if only for the degree of cognitive dissonance it must require. The typical refrain of easiest boss, shouldn’t be hard, mechanics not gear, learning experience…well, in fairness there was one learning experience on the trash. And it is always fun to witness the guild gripe about the lack of tanks after everybody clamors to go everywhere with the resident MT. They don’t even try to build up a few necessary offtanks. They simply assume that somebody will show up and do it. That ended up being me.

But it quickly became clear that we had no chance in hell at downing this boss, so after being roped into the hopeless raid I diverted more of my attention to watching Tosh.0 reruns than the reruns of…fight starts, pillar of flame, ranged/healers drop like flies, wipe…rinse, repeat. As if practice will somehow permit the ranged DPS to…DPS harder, I guess. I don’t know what the thinking is. It isn’t logical, whatever it is.

Tonight they plan to hit it again, perhaps look at a different boss fight — this is after claiming Magmaw would be the easiest, of course — so I may just alt-F4 out of there and watch a movie, or play an alt, maybe just decline. The gearcheck premise is something of a crutch, but I would be more comfortable being forced to OT with some better gear and more experience at it. They might be better served by splitting up into two heroic groups, stand to benefit more…they are seldom that sensible, however. But I can be.


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