Next up, we test the beer goggle effect

December 21, 2010

Unfortunately last night I could not stay up to check out the lunar eclipse. I’ll have to settle for really good photos of it.

Anyway, the other news I’m reading today is a combination of encouraging and predictable: a recent Gallup poll about creationism.

A new Gallup poll, released Dec. 17, reveals that 40 percent of Americans still believe that humans were created by God within the last 10,000 years. This number is slightly down from a previous high of 47 percent in 1993 and 1999.

Lies about ‘intelligent design’ contribute to the persistence of ‘theistic’ or ‘guided’ evolution, but it is nice to see plain old ‘secular’ evolution, no god-concept required, on the rise in the last few decades.

And on the other hand, predictable results: the more education one has, the less likely one is to be a creationist. Likewise, creationism is more prevalent among Republicans and (surprise!) more frequent attendance to church.

Since it is Huffington Post, of course there is some false rhetoric of equality woven into the article.

The poll also revealed that beliefs in creationism and evolution are strongly related to levels of education attained. When results are narrowed to those with college degrees, only 37 percent of respondents maintain beliefs in creationism. Meanwhile, the belief in evolution without the aid of God rises to 21 percent.

Belief in creationism vs. belief in evolution. These are not the same thing, but since HuffPo is an oasis of woo and laden with religious nonsense, they blithely compare baseless faith, contradicted by reality, with fact-based, tested and reliable scientific theory.

So I’m picky.

And yes, I know the beer goggle thing has been done. It’s plausible! But I wouldn’t know.


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