Do not trivialize me!

December 14, 2010

…says the average Cataclysm heroic. I get the impression from the small handful of heroic dungeons I’ve run with the horde guild, now that my DK is level 85 and has meh-to-ok gear (utter baseline item level for heroics). Having this basic level of competence/leveling/gear down makes me a candidate for guild heroic runs. I get whispers from them daily, it seems. Random? Now this week, Heroic?

The resident MT, probably on account of hurrying to 85 ahead of us and dungeon grinding, may need the heroic gear. Or he’s pushing for achievement bragging rights. Or he’s just relentlessly optimistic — he’s definitely that, to the point of making me laugh hard and often.

Take for example the Stonecore. What can I say about these boss fights? I have to wonder if I will be laughing about them in a year. Is the gear going to give us that much health? And I think, well…yeah, probably. For now they are…rather deadly!

The first boss is a worm that has a burrowing phase. It periodically leaps out of the ground and back down again. Anybody who gets caught in that dies. Anybody. The second boss drops stalactites from the ceiling during an air phase and they will kill you dead. So will the blasting AOE it does if you don’t stand behind those stalactites. The third boss does a ground slam that will one-shot a tank standing in it and a shatter that will kill anyone standing too close when it goes off. The final boss does a force grip on the tank that can easily kill him and levitates huge rocks around that can kill anyone hit by them.

Death on a stick. Wipe after wipe. Meanwhile the guild MT is cheery. I’m sure we’ll get this. We just have to learn. I know; and yet by the third boss and the second (or third) port out to repair, one of the DPS gave up and left ‘before he got upset’. I think he was already upset.

Meanwhile I’m thinking, we’ve had shorter raids than this. I could have run how many regular dungeons by now? Three? More? Even with a bad DPS queue.

I think I go on these dungeon runs of pain just for the humor of it. I don’t understand this, he says. On my last run we nearly one-shotted this boss. And then on the next few tries he dies to the worm’s burrowing.

The final boss we killed after several tries, and on the last try, the tank was down and me and the mage in the group finished her off. What can I say? I find a lot of things funny lately…but I don’t think they are. It occurs to me that I missed this phase of the game in WotLK, in that I was leveling the DK while the others were already at 80 on their mains, testing out the early LK-era heroics.

Maybe I’ll go level the priest alt tonight.


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